in the words of our artist in residence

"The RUMC Artist in Residence is a fun new program that fosters bridging the gap between artists at large and the faith community.

When I first thought up this program, my hope was to model the Renaissance mindset where the church not only supported, but helped grow artistic endeavors by allowing artists to create within their walls.

"The RUMC Artist in Residence Program is far more than the use of a space to create. This bold new program offers a creative living voice within the congregation. How this will manifest is something I will be exploring in the months to come.

"For a long time I have considered how I could best serve my faith community while remaining true to my artistic calling. It is a balance that I have found difficult to strike. The artistic calling requires 100% flexibility on my part. I find myself being constantly challenged to change and grow, to make difficult decisions and sacrifices, all at the drop of a hat. I am excited to explore this new challenge going forward!"

-Amy Mayes

RUMC Lay Leader and Artist in Residence

program OVERVIEW

Since the Artist in Residence program came about, I have produced a variety of projects for RUMC. Visual, performing, music, and even social justice programs have all been part of the Artist in Residence scope. But since it easy for these many events to get lost in the huge scheme of things, here are ten highlights:

Staged Reading of “The Laramie Project”


In support of making our church a Reconciling Congregation, we held a reading of monologues from “The Laramie Project” in the chapel. Together with two professional actors and my husband Thom, we read these monologues in the hope that they would illuminate some of the issues that the congregation was discussing as they became a reconciling church.


March 2016

Performed at the Pocket Theater in Greenwood, Proof was rehearsed in the Youth Room five nights a week for about two months. During that time, we constructed a set that was later used as part of Worship. Proof was directed by Portland-based director Madison Mabbot and starred several local actors. We sold out all but one performance and had a large turn-out from church members. The Facebook preview movie was filmed at the church and it was a fun way for everyone to feel connected to the play they saw!

Good Friday Dramatic Reading

March 2016

Together with Pastor Lara and several women from the congregation, we had a dramatic reading of biblical female perspectives for our Good Friday service. We each read a monologue from a different Bible character in order to experience Good Friday in a different way than ever before.

Jen Guard’s Gallery Opening


In support of another artist in our congregation, we hosted a gallery opening after church one Sunday for Jen Guard’s Award Winning Macro-Photography. Jen's work was displayed in the lobby and we had a “wine” and cheese reception to celebrate the opening of the exhibit.

Advent Worship Performance Pieces

December 2016

In order to help bring scriptures off the page, I partnered with Pastor Lara to craft some creative imagery to illuminate parts of the advent story. Using symbolism and an infamous ribbon, we performed different roles each week leading up to advent.

Blanket of Fear

January 2017

An interfaith production of Blanket of Fear was brought to RUMC. Together with the Pacifica Institute, RUMC members and members of the community at large came together for a night of free theater. We performed this play on the night of President Trump’s Muslim Ban, and though it was an emotional night for all, we had a very powerful post-play discussion with the audience.

Community ACLU Training Event

Winter 2017

We screened the ACLU Freedom Cities training livestream in the Swan Room. Together with a few members of the congregation and about five members of the Redmond Community at large, we watched the training and had a discussion around local and national Social Justice issues.

Clint McCune Concert

April 2017

In partnership with Lay Leader Scott Biethan, the Artist in Residence Program hosted local musician Clint McCune as he play music and reflected on his time at Standing Rock. Thanks to Scott for bringing this powerful performance to our Church.

Timothy Caughman Painting

April 2017

Inspired by current events, I created a mixed media piece in honor of Timothy Caughman. It hung in the Narthex and brought attention to social justice issues in America today. It also served as a memorial for his life.

City of Redmond Community Center Feedback Session

Spring 2017

Due to a mix up with the City, this did not get as much publicity as I would have liked, however, we did get a decent number of folks who were able to meet with the City of Redmond Arts Administrator. We got to fill out surveys on what kind of Community Center we’d like to see in Redmond, as well as give feedback and share ideas.