How It Works and Ways to Sign-Up

If you or you and a group of friends are willing to help, please use the sign-up link. On the day of your dinner, please arrive at the church between 6:30 PM and 6:45 PM, and there will be a staff person that will come outside with cart for unloading or you are welcome to come down the accessible ramp just off the parking lot and drop off at the shelter.  Meals will need to be delivered in disposable containers, and the shelter will provide all of the serving utensils so no need to worry about anything else than providing the meal and beverages.  If you would like to stay and help serve, you are most welcome. If you just want to drop off, no worries as well.  


What If I Want to Provide a Meal but Cannot Deliver?

No problem. We have volunteers that will come to your home/other location and pick up the food and deliver it to the shelter. And the pick-up volunteers will be happy to do this in a way that is contactless as well.


What If I Want to Help with A Meal but Cannot Cook for that Large of a Group?

We can assist there as well. Feel free to work with others and we will be happy to coordinate groups that are coming together (Family groups, friend groups, place of worship groups, community groups…etc) or if you prefer, we can even take a donation of about $200 and work with an area business that can provide meals for the shelter.


What If I Go to Sign Up and the List is Full?

Well, that would be a good problem to have. We are starting to learn more about how we can support the other Shelters in East King County. Feel free to reach out to me on how that works, and we can assist in coordinating other ways to help.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Scott Biethan or Jerry Smith