together for joy campaign update

Funds Raised: 109,752.00

Funds Still Needed: $55, 248.00

(As of 10/6/2023)


Your questions matter! Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers. 

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Updated October 12, 2023

  • The HVAC project is getting funded through grants from the City of Redmond and the Washington Department of Health. Included in the grant is a 10-year maintenance plan. Holmberg Mechanical anticipates finishing the project by the beginning of December, just in time to host Porchlight (formerly Congregations for the Homeless) in January 2024.

  • The Together for Joy Project is a "refurb" project, not a remodel. Consider this the first phase of the project. Nothing can stop us but us (: We can always make more changes as the spirit moves us!

  • MAYBE! This answer came straight from our treasurer Adam Robinson's mouth (:

    It's possible there may be some funds available for this purpose. We will update the congregation as soon as we know more about the status of the planned Narthex/Sanctuary Refurb and the funds that we raise. 

  • Turn in your pledge card; read the newsletter for updates; TALK to your friends; be a cheerleader; frequently check this page to stay informed and submit any new questions you may have!

  • John 15:1-2 states, "I am the true vine, and Creator God is the gardener. God cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does not bear fruit, God prunes so that it will be even more fruitful." 

    Church is changing. The sad fact is churches that can't adapt to our changing world are closing. RUMC has remained a vibrant church for 127 years because the saints before us met their moment in history. Today, RUMC is a reconciling church, where God has many genders and many names. We are affirming, progressive, and welcoming. We are compassionate, innovative thinkers and doers who love, serve, and grow as Redmond's downtown church. And Redmond is changing. It is younger, more diverse, less churched. How do we meet this changing Redmond where it is? How do we meet this moment in our church's history? What would God has us prune so that our beloved church can be fruitful? 

    Change is hard; it requires compromise, sacrifice, and discomfort. But it is also an opportunity to reflect, to collaborate, and to prune! RUMC can make good change, and we will, if we truly ground ourselves in our past and learn from those who came before us. It's our turn to inspire a fruitful future!

  • The Special Projects Team met with Acoustic Engineer Eric Miller (a former RUMY, if you can believe that!) to discuss how proposed changes would impact the sound in our space.  So far, the testing looks good!  A full report of his findings will be available next week.

  • Several products have been discontinued and are no longer available to order.  Also, at the time the Narthex Project was being considered, the scope was smaller with the intention of working with what we already had.  The Together For Joy Campaign’s purpose is to create a welcoming, flexible space through the Narthex and Sanctuary,  where the congregation and community can feel a sense of connection and possibility!

  • RUMC is so lucky to have many talented people in this congregation!  The Trustees Special Project Team has spent the last year researching, meeting with potential contractors, visiting other churches, pulling ideas together, and presenting to the Church Council. 

    The Church Council has recommended that we go forward with the project, and the Stewardship and Generosity Team has launched the Together For Joy Campaign.  Ultimately, it is up to us as a congregation!  But we have to start somewhere (it’s like standing in the ice cream section at QFC.  It’s a lot easier to make that very important final decision if you’ve narrowed it down to either a chocolate-based flavor or a vanilla-based flavor :)!) Will everyone agree on every detail?  No.  But we can all enter the experience with a profound reverence for the generations before us whose thoughtful approach and ability to meet the moment have made it so we are still here today, 127 years later.  

    We are grateful for the time, energy, talent, thoughtfulness and LOVE FOR OUR CHURCH that Terri Hermes, Dana Caldart, and Sheryl Caldart have given to get us started.  

    Now, let US get going!  If you want to provide input, please attend one of the upcoming Listening Sessions! 

  • The Stewardship and Generosity Team will work in conjunction with the Finance Team to assess the Campaign’s progress in January, and again in February.  If donations and pledges haven’t met our goal by the end of February, we will need to reassess the project before contracts are discussed or signed.

introduction to capital campaign


A Letter from the stewardship team

The "Together for Joy" capital campaign's purpose is threefold: 

  1. To take care of our church home by doing proper maintenance and updates; 
  2. To create a welcoming and flexible space; 
  3. To provide a space that aligns with our mission to serve the community. 

We've talked a lot about the "why" of the Together for Joy Capital Campaign. Now it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty! Let's talk about the how by answering three very important questions below. 

Since the Stewardship Team initially announced the capital campaign in July, generous church members have come forward and committed $52,000 toward this effort. In addition, we have two generous donors who have already agreed to match the first $20,000 donated by the congregation. Thanks to their generosity, we have just $93,000 left to raise! We are grateful for their enthusiasm and generosity!

Together, we are stewards of whatever we build; with hammers and spades, and prayers and psalms, we are the caretakers of this building and every person within it. May we build a space filled with God's divine presence, where the ordinary can become extraordinary; a space that inspires the sacredness within each of us, no matter where we are on our spiritual journey. Redmond UMC works Together for Joy!

September 10, 2023

  • The goal for the Capital Campaign is $165,000. These funds will be used for the sole purpose of maintaining and updating the Narthex, Sanctuary, and office space and are separate from our annual operating budget. The $165,000 will pay for new flooring, paint, light fixtures, and any unanticipated costs as the project progresses. 

  • We recognize that asking folks to contribute to a capital campaign on top of their annual giving is a lot, so we are asking for a pledge amount to be paid out from September 2023-August 31, 2024. 

  • Financial contributions can be made online with a one-time donation, or a 52-week or 12-month payment plan. Our Financial Secretary, Karene Busby, can help you set up the payment plan and talk you through stock donation as well!

Where We've Been

2021: RUMC's 125th Anniversary Celebration - a year-long look at our church's history and an opportunity to dream about our future. After learning about the dreams, plans, and realized projects of the generations and saints that came before us, we pondered the question: What is our "and then"?

  • We Reimagined the Building
  • We Reimagined Church
  • We Reimagined Growing the Church
  • We began a period of discernment to explore ways our most precious resource, our land and building, can be used in the future as part of our long-term investment.
    • With an all-day Church Council retreat, then invitations to the congregation to join the conversation via two different Zoom meetings (hosted by Kent Hermes and Adam Robinson) and after church at the French Bakery (hosted by Kristen Muscott)
    • In Worship, with sticky notes, butcher paper and Mentimeters
    • With invitations to join Bailey Moritz and Scott Biethan as part of the "Reimagining Team," which included (includes) participating in small group discussions and facilitating one-on-one conversations with congregants
    • Bring the community inside, serve the community
    • Flexible/multi-use space
    • Spiritual Growth/Sanctuary/Sacred Space
    • Youth programs
    • Affordable housing (long-term vision)
    • Partnership funding (long-term vision)

where we are

2023: The year of ACTION for here and now - after thoughtful brainstorming and conversations with the congregation, Church Council recommends creating a more welcoming and flexible space to meet the community needs for the "here and now" while we continue to discern what our long-term investment plans for our land and building will be. The main objective for the "here and now" and for RUMC's future is to create a space that aligns with our mission and values that prioritizes physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, inclusiveness, and vitality that builds connection with the community.

    • Alcoholics Anonymous
    • SLAA (Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous)
    • Scouts
    • Redmond Lion's Club
    • MS Support Group
    • Spanish Al-Anon
    • Columbia Choirs
    • Little Elly Montessori Preschool
    • PorchLight (previously Congregations for the Homeless)
    • Open Kitchen
  • Committed Projects:

    1. Exterior Painting of Building - completed August 2023
    2. Update Air Ventilation System in Galley Hall (basement) - projected start date September 2023, funded by a City of Redmond Grant Award and an anonymous donor
    Potential Projects: 
    • Narthex/Stairwell - paint, flooring, carpet, lighting
    • Sanctuary - paint, flooring, carpet
  • Share your thoughts! In the Narthex/Lobby, write your thoughts on the following topics: 

    • Wouldn't it be great if the Narthex/Lobby...
    • Wouldn't it be great if the Sanctuary...
    • My fears about change at RUMC are...