Buy shopping/gift cards from RAISERIGHT to benefit the rumc emergency help fund

Everyday purchases from hundreds of retailers support the work of RUMC when you use RaiseRight cards. Whether you use cards for your own shopping or give as gifts, every card you purchase results in a rebate that goes to the Emergency Help Fund, which provides generous help to our neighbors in need. 

While we try to keep a few brands of cards on hand for sale after worship, hundreds of additional brands may be ordered. Each time the church places an order, there is a shipping charge of $10.50, so please add at least $1.00 to your order to help cover the cost. Write "scrip" on the memo line of your check. Paying with credit card requires a 3% charge. 

You are encouraged to sign up for your own RaiseRight account so that cards can be mailed directly to your home or sent electronically to yourself, friends or family. Having your own account also allows you to place orders from your phone and take advantage of periodic bonus rebates on electronic or reloadable cards. 

To receive the Enrollment Code for RUMC, please email the Church Office at

Click Here to sign up for raiseright

Other programs that contribute rebates to RUMC are AmazonSmile and Fred Meyer Community Rewards.

Amazon shoppers are encouraged to sign up for AmazonSmile, and have Amazon contribute a rebate to RUMC.

For Fred Meyer shoppers, you can earn your own reward points through Fred Meyer Rewards, and contribute a rebate to RUMC if you also sign up for the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program.

For both Fred Meyer and AmazonSmile rebate programs, the best advantage for RUMC would be to use a RaiseRight gift card to make purchases. That way RUMC receives two rebates, one from the gift card and one directly from the company.

Contact the Church Office at if you have any questions.