Justice for Our Children: Healing for Our Communities

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    Take the lead of Rev. Dr. Allen Buck, director of the GNW Circle of Indigenous Ministries, who suggests taking the following actions as congregations:

    1. Learn about the local indigenous people(s) in your context. “Strive to be real allies with Indigenous people(s) and start by uncovering the truth about our own complicity in genocide,” Buck said.

    2. Find creative ways to join your voices with all those calling for transparency and justice for children and their families subjected to the horrors and brutalities of residential boarding schools. Help us to expose the places where our “missions” (past and present) insist Indigenous peoples reject their own language and cultural practices.

    • Remember and raise awareness by wearing orange: September 30, October 6, and today, October 10 are all days that we as Americans and United Methodists have been asked to wear orange. You can change when you get home or mark your calendars for next year. Promote equity and justice for Native Americans in both church and society. Tell Congress to support Truth and Healing Commission on Indian Boarding School Policy - sign the electronic letter by the General Board of Church and Society

    Sourced from PNWUMC Circles - Kristina Gonzalez