Greetings from Redmond UMC’S Stewardship & Generosity Team!

The world needs more community, more compassion, more justice and love – and that’s exactly what Redmond UMC sets out to provide each and every day.

We are a community on a mission! Following Jesus, we’re called to thrive and to help our neighbors thrive, creating a beautiful, delightful, abundant life for all. Over the next four weeks, we’ll explore what this “abundant life” looks like and celebrate some of the ways Redmond UMC participates in God’s graceful love for the world.

Let’s start with community. For 127 years, Redmond UMC has been a beacon of community in our neighborhood: a gathering place, a refuge, a house of joy and welcome, and a wellspring of service for neighbors down the street and around the world.

Through Open Kitchen, PorchLight, Redmond School Break Food Box Program, and Dreams and Hopes, we build community by gathering and connecting. Through contributions to Black Lives Matter and Seattle Pride and collaborating with our partners at the City of Redmond, we build community by serving people from all walks of life. Our choir, bells, and Threads & Patches build community through the arts. And our children’s ministries and faith formation programs, like small book groups, Bible Study, and Lunch & Learn’s build community through learning (and after all, the root of the word “disciple” is the Latin word for “learner”!).

Moreover, the heart of Redmond UMC’s community is worship. Every time we gather, pray, listen to God’s good news, support, sing, and celebrate, we build up the Beloved Community with joy and beauty. And God knows the world needs more joy and beauty!

Enclosed you’ll find a pledge card. We invite you to put it somewhere you’ll see it every day – and when you do, try praying over the printed prayer on it. You are welcome to fill out the pledge card physically (they will be available in the Narthex) or by clicking the button below. 

Giving Sunday is on November 26, 2023, when we’ll joyfully, beautifully celebrate our mission of building life-changing community -- of gathering and connecting, serving, creating, learning, and worshipping -- in an often lonely, disheartened, fragmented world.

Thank you in advance for being a part of this important, delightful work!

With joy and abundance,

Jerry Smith, Kristen Muscott, Chris Wyatt, Karene Busby, Linn Forsell, Yvonne Agduyeng