Christmas EVE at redmond umc

Family Celebration Service
Friday, December 24 | 7:00 p.m.

Experience the Christmas story with joy and excitement at this interactive service where all are invited to join the fun.

Candlelight Service

Friday, December 24 | 11:00 p.m.

The beautiful 11pm Christmas Eve Service includes the traditional music, candlelight, and hopeful, joyous mood that makes the season so special!


Designated visitor parking 
is available (2 spaces in the parking lot, 3 curb spaces on the north side of NE 80th Street in front of the church)

Street parking is also available along 165th Ave NE and across the street from the church on the south side curb of NE 80th St.

RUMC Parking Lot - The back parking is accessed off 165th Avenue NE and has 34 spaces; three are designated as handicapped accessible and two are visitor parking. 

The Dentist Lot - north of the church on 166th Avenue NE

The Capstone Lot - north from the church on 8195 166th Ave NE

NOTE: Do not park in the spots along the west side, next to NAPA. Those belong to the City of Redmond.