Rooted in Redmond...

The Redmond UMC has been a vital part of the Redmond community for more than a century. We've worked hard to remain a vibrant, welcoming, and serving congregation in the heart of downtown Redmond because we love this place! We believe that our love for our neighbors calls us to actively participate in and partner with the local community and meet people where they are, and our location gives us many great opportunities to do exactly that. We are enthusiastic in reaching out to our community and have been feeding Redmond, body and soul, since 1896.

people of action

While we value honesty, personal integrity, confession, and a growing faith as important qualities of a Christian, we also strive to be people of action: a church where doing justice and taking risks in order to build the Kingdom of God are also frequent outward signs of our Christian faith. We work to create a more just and beautiful world through our outreach programs and partnerships, as well as our Care for the Earth initiative. 


Redmond United Methodist Church embraces the UMC concept of Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Doors. We aspire to be a church where all people are welcomed as family and, within minutes, decide that they want to be a part of our shared experience and expression of God's love! We affirm that all people are created in the image of God and as beloved children of God's love and grace, and our faith moves us to welcome all persons of every age, gender identity, racial or ethnic background, sexual orientation, marital or socio-economic status, and physical or mental ability to full participation in our faith community. We invite all people in our journey toward greater understanding and mutual respect and reconciliation through Christ!


You'll find people of all ages here at Redmond UMC! While there are certainly challenges that come with an intergenerational congregation, we find the diversity very rewarding. No matter your age, you will likely be able to find elders, peers, and young ones to connect with and learn from. 

responsible stewards

We consider being good stewards of all our resources (time, talents, money, bodies, environment, etc) to be a spiritual practice and provide transparency in how we, as a church, make use of those resources. Our Stewardship Team is devoted to responsible planning and management of church resources and plays an important role in keeping the congregation updated on the church's stewardship of resources as well as directing our future endeavors.