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Prayer, like breathing, is an essential and natural part of life. When we pray, we are connecting to God and inviting that connection to make a difference in our lives. It can happen at any time, any place, in any number of ways. Any time we intentionally relate to God, whether crying for help, sitting in silence, dancing with joy, reading and reflecting, we are praying. So where are you in your prayer life? How are you relating to God, and is it making a difference in your life? This next year, we will focus our attention on our personal prayer lives in three parts.

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Over the next several weeks, we'll be focusing on the connection - the relationship - that we have with God. 

What does this connection with God look and feel like? 

To whom do you pray? 

What is God’s role in the relationship? 

What is your role?   

The series will pick back up in the fall. For more about the upcoming weeks (Part One), read below!

  • a Relationship of Love

    The love of God defines who we are. We are known by our relationship with God, as God’s children. Prayer is our conscious awareness of this relationship, often described as communion, or connection, with God. We begin our focus on prayer by hearing more about what this loving communion is like. Our Faith Formation Coordinator, Becca Mayes, shared her experience of prayer. 

  • Laying Down our Lives

    Jesus laid down his life for us and we are to do the same in order to live a life of love in truth and action. Our role in prayer is less about what we say and more about understanding how we lay down our lives and be receptive to the world around us. 

  • God is…

    John Wesley, founder of Methodism, famously said that a passage from 1 John summarizes the entire Gospel message: God is love, and perfect love casts out fear. He went on to say that all us are going on to perfection, and what he meant is we are being perfected in love. So, how does God’s love work in our prayer lives?  

  • Friendship with God

    We reflect on the words that Jesus spoke to his disciples the night before he died. He changed the nature of their relationship from servants to friends because they now know what God is doing, and so do we. Our prayer lives, our relationships with God thrive in the same way as friendship does, by knowing God and being known by God.