Chili cook-off &

"Dessert Dash"

Sunday, May 21 | After the Service

Fellowship Hall (downstairs)

At our Chili Cook-Off, our enthusiastic chili chefs bring their very best! Attendees sample the contenders and cast their votes. Three categories are listed on the ballot, but donations will determin the "Overall Best"!

And let's not forget the Dessert Dash! This year, our dessert auction is getting kicked up a notch...

After you've surveyed the assortment of fine desserts available, you and your neighbors will bid as a table for "first dibs" on a dessert to share. The bids will be collected and tallied during the chili portion of the event. Once everyone is ready for dessert, a representative of the table with the highest total bid will be called up to claim their dessert of choice... but there's no time for dilly-dallying or second-guessing! The next highest bidder will be called up right behind them.

The event will also feature a quilt auction, featuring the handiwork of our very talented Threads & Patches quilting group, as well as a raffle. All proceeds support RUMC Youth Missions.